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CLEANLEACH Kick Off Meeting was held on 15th October 2013 at IRTA facilities in  Cabrils (Spain)

KO Meeting was headed by Dr. Rafaela Cáceres (Scientific Coordinator) and was attended by more than 10 attendees, among researchers, technicians and CEO’s of participating SMEs.


peu de fotoCLEANLEACH aims to replicate and deploy a plant for treatment of leachates for plant nurseries in EU countries. It also looks for other applications related to architecture (green roof, hanging gardens), hydroponic systems, bioengineering and waste water treatment. The treatment plant has been developed by IRTA; through the project implementation some technological variations of the system will make it more efficient and better monitored. The participation of 3 SMEs ensures the market replication: Buresinnova (, represented by Dr. Silvia Bures,  Naturalea (, represented by Mr. Albert Sorolla,  and Salix (, represented by Mr. David Holland. The technology, which can be adjusted to the conditions of any EU country, will be replicated in Spain and UK locations during the 30 months implementation of the project (Oct. 2013 - April 2016). Support from ESWEG (European Soil and Water Engineering Group) and ENA (European Nurserystock Association) will ensure a broad European market replication. A Life Cycle Assessment will be conducted to provide a first approach of the environmental assessment of the technology. Other advantages: creation of natural habitats for birds, invertebrates and amphibian, and the improvement of landscape quality.

Expected and/or achieved results of CLEANLEACH are:

  • Expected market potential: market size of 800M € and 6,000 customers, after 8 years of market replication.
  • Expected payback time: 5-8 years.
  • Removal of contaminants from nursery leachates: 100% nitrate removal; 89% potassium removal
  • Water management: i) 100% water recycling; ii) cleaning water
  • Lowering Carbon footprint: Carbon fixation by plants in wetland

CLEANLEACH is “Co-funded by the Eco-innovation Initiative of the European Union”


Cleanleach Project