NEWS > Cleanleach will be presented at the 6th Iberian Ornamental Horticulture Seminar

Iberflora is one of the main trade fairs about ornamental horticulture and gardening. This edition will hold the 6th Iberian Ornamental Horticulture Seminar, organized by the Spanish Society of Horticultural Sciences (SECH), the Portuguese Horticultural Association (APH), and the Institute of Agricultural Research of Valencia (IVIA).

The event will take place from 1st to 3rd October at Feria de Valencia and will be a meeting pont for professionals related to the gardening sector in order to discuss how to improve the compteitiviness of the business.

IRTA researches Lola Narvaez, Rafaela Cáceres and Oriol Marfà, have been invited to present the results of their last studies on leacheates treatment used for the Cleanleach project. This is the abstract of the speach:

"The use of methanol as a carbon source in the treatment of nursery leachates by constructed wetlands.

Leachates produced in pot plant nurseries could have potentially harmful compounds, particularly nitrates and phosphates, which can pollute surface water and groundwater. According with current legislation, leachates should be treated. These effluents are low in carbon and high in nitrate and phosphates. Constructed wetlands are engineered systems designed to remove nitrates through denitrification that it is carried out by microorganisms. A pilot plant of horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland has been constructed close to an outdoor container-grown area. Because of the mentioned composition of leachates, an additional carbon source should be used in order to increase the efficiency of the denitrification process. Acceptable rates of denitrification and elimination of COD have been obtained after having applied methanol to reach a C:N-NO3- ratio of 1.5."

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