NEWS > Cleanleach visits Robin Tacchi Plants nurseries

The British company Robin Tacchi Plants contacted the Cleanleach partner Salix for a potential waste water partnership.

On October 22th, a Cleanleach team visited Robin Tacchi Plants premises to discuss water quality issues at one of its three nurseries, in Norfolk. The Fen Farm has a good water supply from an agricultural reservoir which the company has potential to recycle.

Robin Tacchi Visit

David Holland (Salix) and Assumpció Anton (IRTA) visiting Robin Tacchi Plants

Robin Tacchi Plants has been interested in introducing a sustainable drainage system to treat the leachates, but they don’t have the expertise to know how to solve the problems.

The commercial manager, Phil Rusted, showed interest in the benefits of the Cleanleach solution, that combines a slow sand filtration and constructed wetlands.

In the short term, they thought only in the use of constructed wetlands to treat nutrient rich run off, due to the potential cost of placing the sand filter under the existing growing areas.  However, they will consider the sand filter when they build the new multispan growing houses, since they would be cheaper to install during the construction of these structures.


View of one of the Robin Tacchin Plants nurseries


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