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Albert Sala:

Since a year and a half, we are part of the MPS environmental certification system. This system considers the collection of waste, irrigation, phytosanitary products ... a set of factors that allows us to cultivate in a sustainable manner.

As a business, every month we have to send certain certificates, evaluations, a follow-up of our cultivation … and with this follow-up they make an assessment and give a grading that can either be A, B, or C. In the case of our nursery, because we follow the environmental criteria marked by the MPS, we have been graded A.

Regarding water use, in our case they consider water collection. There are channels throughout the whole nursery and the irrigation surplus goes to a pond; this gives us a scoring within the MPS system.

It also helps to include this water collection scheme in this new system, being a water recovery system that allows us not to purify the water using osmosis, which is energy saving.

Obviously, a system like this helps us to continue with our line of sustainability.


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