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Information provided at the poster:

CLEANLEACH was developed by the IRTA (Spanish Food and Agriculture Research and Technology Institute) with the collaboration of the companies Naturalea, Buresinnova and Salix in the implementation and marketing of the product.

The CLEANLEACH Project is an initiative co-financed by the European Union’s Eco-Innovation Programme (ECO/12/332862), which supports projects aimed at preventing and/or reducing environmental impacts and promoting the best use of natural resources.

The Croxton Park Demonstration site has been developed by Salix.


• Full Water Harvesting, Irrigation and Recycling

• Rainwater Collected from Polytunnels

• Stored in Tanks

• Used to irrigate pot grown plants

• Cleaned in Cleanleach System

• Recycled back into tanks

• Main differences to the Spanish demonstration site are the addition of a drainage layer under the sand & floating reed bed

• 20 Acre (5 hectare) nursery

• UK Native wetland & wildflower plant producer

• Flora locale approved supplier

• Cell/Pot Plant Producer

• Coir rolls and pallets retailer  


Cleanleach Project